Sharlto filming The Hollars in Mississippi, US!

The latest news about Sharlto has been his official involvement with the movie The Hollars, directed by John Krasinski, currently filming in Mississippi, US.

Of course thanks to twitter and facebook we’ve been able to get quick glances of the filming and the cast and crew just hanging around with the fans enjoying the summer!

So if there are any fans in the Pearl, MS area, better head tonight to the Trustmark Park, since according to twitter Sharlto is going to be there to throw the ceremonial first pitch in the Mississippi Braves vs Mobile BayBears of the Minor League Baseball.

Sharlto throwing the ceremonial first pitch!

I’m compiling the best photos and links here! I’ll keep updating as I find more!

Sources: The Inn on Whitworth, Lacey @ Twitter, John Krasinski @ Twitter

Look at that beautiful Crown!

New promo photos for Maleficent

As the release date approaches, we start getting (finally) some more promotional photos for Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie and our handsome Sharlto Copley as King Stefan.

Here’s some beautiful international promos! Enjoy!

Source: Check Magazine

First Look into Maleficent

Finally this month brought the new teaser trailers for Maleficent and we got a glimpse into Sharlto’s look as King Stephan and it’s AMAZING!

Maleficent6 Maleficent5

Maleficent1 Maleficent2 Maleficent3 Maleficent4

The trailer shows that we will see the aging of King Stephan, as cruel as that might be, I’m really excited about the makeup and prosthetics that will be used for this movie.

Off Topic: Angelina Jolie looks AMAZING!! Can’t wait to see them kiss <3

Hardcore short summary


Back on July 2013, Sharlto was in Russia filming Hardcore (and getting his 6th headcast done!) and ever since then we haven’t had much information about this project.

Finally we have a small summary for it and a little info about Sharlto’s role:

The set up is a secret laboratory at Moscow that experiments aiming to create half-machine half-human cyborgs. One of their subjects, a cyborg called Henry, wakes up with no memory but one of a girl named Estelle who’s being kidnapped by albino-magician Akan (Danila Kozlovsky). Henry decides to go after Akan and on the way finds help from a mysterious stranger called Jimmy (Sharlto Copley).

Some additional details:

  • The shooting finished around the beginning of December 2013
  • The main characters are played by Sharlto Copley and Danila Kozlovsky. Since it’s shot as a “first person” perspective, the actual star of the movie is never seen, and over ten stunt men wore the GoPro camera performing as the lead.
  • The film is expected to be released by the end of 2014.

Thanks to: Source

Elysium Bluray (Store exclusives)

2013Dec21_ElysiumBlurayFinally Elysium is available on bluray and DVD, and in the US there are different versions for the mayor store chains with exclusive content/presentation. Here’s the ones I’ve got a hold of thanks to my awesome husband :D

TARGET : Double disc, Bluray and DVD, in a beautiful Steel Book. This is collection-worthy and perfect for all the use and abuse I’ll put this bluray through :D Also Ultraviolet code included, so you can keep watching it anywhere you are. Buy it online!

WALLMART: Double feature bonus, it’s a pack with Elysium and District 9 in the standard packaging for movies. The Elysium bluray has the same special features as other versions. Buy this pack online!

BEST BUY: Additional DVD disc with an exclusive 30 minutes piece called “Exoskeletons, Explosions, and the Action Choreography” with a detailed look at some scenes and the process with the stunt doubles. Get it now!

If you know about another store exclusive let me know!! I’ll try to get it and review it!

And here’s for the mini-review: The design of the bluray is aligned with all the look and feel of all previous marketing, an Elysium Defense system kinda console. The additional content is worth the buy if you don’t own / haven’t read already The Art of Elysium, pretty much has a view into the design process for everything: weapons, exoskeletons, tattoos, the look and feel of future LA.
The video features includes really good behind the scenes content where you can experience the great environment that Neil and all the actors brought to the set, stories about the casting experience for Matt Daemon and Jodi Foster, and hilarious comments by Sharlto about working with them.
Just one deleted scene and no bloopers/gag reel! But the features are entertaining enough so I’ll forgive them for that.

Stay tuned to the tumblr blog because I’ll continue to update with little gifs from the special features, but for all true Sharlto Fans, go get your copy now!