Elysium promotional sites bring some new information on the movie



Today we’ve been surprised by all the updated Elysium-related websites, and a quick search on the source code gives some extra information!

For example the new website Welcome to Elysium, the disabled section for Partners, currently has the following companies:

  • Bugatti – “As the maxim in astronautic perfection, Bugatti transports humans not only to Elysium, but beyond — to a future we never thought possible. The Bugatti Veyron 89.4 is the choice transport of the Elysium Corporate Authority and the first luxury craft to travel from Earth to Elysium in under 20 minutes.”
  • Bvlgari – “Since 1884, Bvlgari has crafted perfection from extraordinary design and expert innovation. Bvlgari endeavors to reinvent the aesthetic of technology, transforming the generic into works of art. Their most notable achievement can be found in its line of limited edition wearable weapon systems.”
  • Versace – “To achieve perfection, man had to create perfection. The transformative power of Longevity & Image by Versace has empowered citizens of Elysium to manifest their own beauty. From eye color to ear angle, the exquisite design of Versace can finally deliver the deep beauty we all desire.”
  • Armadyne – “No square meter of the Elysium torus is without the impeccable design and exceptional engineering of Armadyne. The torus is powered by Armadyne’s SABRE cerebral defense system and both the CCB and HDF use Armadyne robotic technology.”

Of the above we were able to see the Bugatti vehicles at San Diego Comic-Con, and those looked pretty amazing! Also the Armadyne should be a link to the updated website for the fictitious company. As for the other partner, I hope we’re going to see some fancy products in the movie and promotionals coming from this famous brands!

Also on the Leaders section there are 2 profiles hidden:

  • Representative Burrard – “Rep. Burrard is an Elysium native who holds Ph.D.’s from Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. Burrard spent the past four decades serving as Commander of the Elysian Homeland Defense Force.”
  • Representative Penny – “Rep. Penny joined the Elysium Corporate Authority in 2155. His previous work includes a tenure at Armadyne and Grep Diode.”

Wonder if those characters have been listed as part of Armadyne or we will see some familiar faces in the movie! And finally the main navigation gives away some exciting sections we will hopefully see enabled soon!

  • THE WORLD – Elysium, Armadyne, Civil Cooperation Bureau, Tourism
  • GAMES – Target Practice, Safe Passage, HULC Suit Battle
  • THE MOVIE – Story, Characters, Filmmakers, Photos
  • VIDEO – Trailer

I’ll update this post with additional information found tonight so keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and Join the Forum to discuss about the exciting news coming up. We’d love to hear your theories about what those hidden sections hide, just post in the comment below!